Hey there.

I'm a product manager with 7 yrs of experience focusing on new market development with a passion for building platforms, teams, and lightsabers. Let's work together!


I'm looking for a Senior or Product Lead role on your team.

Ideally, you have:

  • Product Market Fit or a path to PMF
  • Women and POC in senior leadership positions
  • A commitment to hiring and retaining diverse employees
  • A culture of collaboration and honest, open feedback
  • A great benefits package!
  • Sane and sustainable working hours
  • Professional growth opportunities internally


Looking for opportunities in NYC or on fully distributed teams!

Can start end of July/Early August 2018.


For the past 7 years, my appetite for rethinking and revamping products has grown exponentially with each new release. I've worked on B2BC products in subscription and ecommerce (Birchbox and Spring) as well as publishing and real-estate in both D2C and B2B capacities. On the side, I've been coaching URMs on identifying whether Product is right for them or how to leverage their experiences to better serve their users.

A lot of my past managers, coworkers, and friends have great things to say about me, my methods, and my results!

Also, I'm told I'm a pretty fun nerd to hang around.


Interested? My LinkedIn is here and full resume available upon connection.